And now, for something NOT about being a mom

I am a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan. It’s true. Sure, I’m all for American Idol. But lately AI just doesn’t quite do it for me anymore. I think that the big difference between the two comes down to this: just about everyone thinks they can sing. Most people KNOW they can’t dance. So the talent level is generally really high on Dance. And I’d much rather watch talented dancers than half-talented singers any day of the week. At the same time, it makes me realize I’m too old to ever do anything like that.

When I was little, I was horribly shy. So by the time I was 3 years old, my parents put me in dance class to try and get me to overcome this little issue. I loved it. But I was one of those kids, by the time I was 6, I was doing dance, gymnastics, music lessons, baton lessons (yes, I can twirl the baton), and swim lessons in the summertime. It became too much for my then-pregnant mother to keep up with, and I was told I had to get rid of one of my activities. Reluctantly, I gave up my dance lessons, because my teacher was leaving my dance school.

As I got older, I regretted that decision. I was never a gymnast’s build, and I gave up swimming in high school for theater. But I always wanted to get back into dance. I ended up on my high school’s colorguard (see examples here and ask me if you want to know more). It was great fun, great friends, and amazing opportunities for leadership and teamwork.

As an adult, I’ve struggled with finding something that is me, beyond work and family. Something for me that is mine – my stress relief, my fun, my therapy. For some, it’s shopping. For others, it’s working out. In my newly christened “mom” body, I’ve discovered not only the need for a little “me” time, but also the need to get back into shape and feel like a woman again. And while there are a ton of things that I love to do, Dance has inspired me to get back into my first favorite activity.

So I found a local dance studio, that teaches adult classes. True adult classes. Not those 12 years old and up classes. Because the last thing I want to do is feel like an idiot with some pre-pubescent size zero laughing at me. The problem is, I haven’t quite gotten up the guts to go yet. I’m not sure why. I can always find a reason not to go — I want to hang out with the kids (except the classes I want to go to are after bedtime), I’m tired, I can’t afford it. But I need to kick myself in the butt and just go.

So tonight, when I sit and watch the results of my favorite show, maybe I’ll finally get my act together and go pay for my class card and actually go next week. My body needs it, and I think my psyche does too.

What’s your “just you” activity?


4 thoughts on “And now, for something NOT about being a mom

  1. I was never a dancer (well when I was 7 years old I took tap and ballet but then quickly got into sports) but it turns out that throughout my life when I watch people dance I ache to do it as well. I feel like my body could have had a shot at that if I had tried as a kid and stuck with it.

    So my question for you is, at 31 years old, with a 5’3″ 150lb out of shape body, do you think I would look silly joining a dance class? It seems like a great way to get exercise as well.

  2. Oh, and I am OBSESSED with So you think you can dance. I completely agree with you about it being better than AI (which I also watch). My theory on why I like it is the same reason I love Top Chef and Project Runway. People with actual talent they had to develop and dedicate themselves to are given challenges with very little time to prepare/learn/create and what they come up with is amazing and more importantly something those of us watching could never do (most of us anyway). That’s what is so incredible about it. Whereas there are a lot of us who could fake our way through singing and when given a song, you either have it or don’t and can’t really do much hard prep besides memorizing the lyrics.

  3. I think no matter how out of shape we are or what size we are, joining a dance class is a fantastic idea. My only advice would be to find a class/program geared toward adult beginners.

    I get so excited on SYTYCD days! I love watching to see what the amazing choreographers have come up with (LOVE Shane Sparks and Mia Michaels). The amount of talent in that room astounds me!

  4. Mine is video games… I love them! I really want a Wii, but no way in hell will the wife allow that expense!! Not with all we’ll need to do for the upcoming baby!

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