Oh the sweetness…

The other night, J was impossible to put down for the night. She screamed. She yelled. She flailed. She was so overtired that she just was beyond being able to settle herself. H tried to rock her in the nursery, which worked until she went to put her down. Then the screaming commenced again.

When H came down after her turn, she mentioned how N had watched her through the slats in his crib and how she felt bad for not rocking him to sleep. She told me how she had done the index finger wave at him and he had done it back to her as he drifted in the drunkenness of half-sleep.

Ten minutes passed and J was still losing her mind, so I thought I’d take a pass at it. Sitting in the rocker I could see N watching me and the guilt that H was feeling earlier hit me. I did the same wave at him, and he lifted his arm and waved back. Then I blew him a kiss, and he pressed his little hand to his mouth to send it right back. It was all I could to not to go over and pick him up and just sleep with the both of them on me right there in the rocking chair.

J started to settle down so I stood up and walked over to her crib. She looked at me, and I said, “Can you go night-night now?” She leaned towards me with her binky in her mouth – to give me the popular “binky kiss”, and put her head back on my shoulder. I laid her in her crib, and off to sleep she went without a peep.

How did I end up with such sweet kids?


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