Camping isn’t really my idea of fun. Camping with two 15 month-old toddlers sounded even worse. Throw in a drunk, uninvited guest and her ex-husband, along with their two kids – an 8 year old boy wielding a hatchet and a 2 year old girl completely unsupervised, and you have the makings of a weekend I’d like to forget.

What did you do this weekend?


3 thoughts on “Camping

  1. We took the twins to the beach. It was a learning experience, meaning something we won’t be doing again any time soon. However, I think your weekend was worse. No hatchets here.

  2. LOL At a site near ours, there were 2 men teaching a young (5 or 6) boy how to shoot a pellet gun! At the freakin’ campsite no less!! There were other campsites near them!! I about died when I saw that! Luckily, the boy had a decent aim 🙂

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