So we’ve been having issues with J hitting recently. I know it’s likely out of frustration because she is at that stage where she wants to communicate and doesn’t know how to express what she wants to say. I have definitely failed in the attempt to teach them to sign. We do a few, but haven’t really focused on it. Now, I’m not saying if we did more signing J wouldn’t hit. But I’m sure it doesn’t help she doesn’t have enough of an outlet for communication.

The added difficulty is that disciplining her (as in, saying “no” firmly and holding her hand so she can’t hit) often makes her laugh. At first, I thought I had some sort of sociopath on my hands. But I realized, in talking to other mom’s of 15 month-olds, that she’s pretty normal. But nothing will frustrate you more than trying to show her you mean business and she thinks you’re hysterical.

And, the wonderful thing about twins, is that when one gets attention for doing something, the other’s not far behind. So as soon as I get J to stop, N starts up with whatever she was getting in trouble for. And I find myself doing things I said I would never do – like yell “NO!!!!” from across the room. I thought I’d be the mom who would walk over to her children and calmly tell them that they needed to stop what they were doing and explain why. Naive? Sure. And I guess I still could do that – but it’s obviously not going to get me very far.

Anybody with discipline strategies for this age and stage of behavior? I certainly don’t feel like they are out of control by any means. But I’d love to know what others are doing because trying different strategies might lead us to one that works really well.


One thought on “Hitting

  1. I wish I had an answer. Nick does this now and he’s not even quite a year old yet. The laughing infuriates me. We say no and set him down away from everyone. I don’t think it particularly effective yet though. William on the other hand clearly understands no and, while you may have to say it three times in a row, he usually stops what he’s doing and starts shaking his head no.

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