Because I said so.

First off, yes, I am a horrible blogger. These past few weeks have really kicked my ass. Between the trip to my parents, work, and trying to finish my boss’s wedding album, I’m pretty spent as far as time goes. But I do manage to do a bit of blog surfing at, well, um, times I probably shouldn’t be surfing (let’s just leave it at that), so I am keeping up with you all.

But I do apologize for my lack of posting. I resolve to try and post more often.

That said, I was feeding the twins dinner tonight, and since they won’t often eat anything protein/meat oriented other than chicken nuggets, that was on the menu. Along with corn, and some pasta and half a banana. Anyway, I turned around to load up the dishwasher, and when I came back, I realized N had something in his ear and was holding his hand up to it. I slowly leaned around to take a look, and discovered a chicken nugget piece. IN. HIS. EAR. Now, yes, he had put it there. And after I removed it, he went to put another back in the same spot. As I watched him start to do this, I said (OUT LOUD), “N, stop putting chicken in your ear!”

After the phrase left my lips, I realized in that moment, that I had just uttered one of THOSE phrases. You know, one of those things you don’t think real people actually say to their children until you actually say one of them? Sometimes they can also be things you have sworn you would never say. Like – “Because I said so, that’s why.” Or, “As long as you live under my roof, you’ll live by my rules.” I actually think that you’re probably not a real parent until you say one of those phrases – one of those parent-isms that forces you to realize you really are a grown up now.

So what is yours? What’s that thing you’ve said that you never thought you would? Or what phrase have you uttered only to realize it sounded so ridiculous you can’t even believe that you said it?


2 thoughts on “Because I said so.

  1. That’s too funny! The boys like to put things in their ears too…
    The line I said that I couldn’t believe (nor could I stop laughing) was when they were in the tub… The boys had recently discovered their nether regions and one was now discovering the nether regions of the other!: “Sam, leave your brother’s penis alone!” šŸ™‚

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