There is no adequate title for this madness

I’ve co-opted this from the comments over at Julie’s.

First, read the article at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Then, after you’ve done the requisite double take, re-read it twice, and scratched your head in confusion, let me make it perfectly clear for you.

These idiots want compensation for carrying and raising an unwanted twin. After transferring (let’s ignore the incorrect usage of the word “implanted” for a moment shall we?) 2 embryos, they claim they were not properly informed and that they indicated verbally prior to the transfer that they only wanted to transfer one embryo and the RE went against this and transferred two (their signed intake form indicated two).

While I understand that twins are not the goal of IVF, they are very often the result – and sometimes the result even when you only transfer one (albeit a slight increase – it does exist). This is common knowledge in IVF circles. If they truly never wanted more than one embryo transferred, they should have never signed a form saying otherwise.

The kicker is, if they had transferred only one, and not gotten pregnant, they’d likely be suing for emotional distress over not getting pregnant.

Here’s what I truly don’t understand. What kind of cold-hearted, unfeeling, asshole (sorry this one really made me mad) looks at her children and says “One of you shouldn’t be here, and I want someone to pay for your existence.” It makes me physically ill to think of these girls growing up in this household with that hanging over them for their whole lives. Just think of the discovery, as they go through their mothers’ paperwork when they are older – only to find that their mothers sued the very doctor who helped create them.

I look at my twins and I realize that a woman who does this is the poster child for women who should remain childless. Which twin is the unwanted one? Does it change on any given day when one misbehaves? Which daughter is the “extra” one? Which baby do you hold and look into those innocent eyes and think “You are the reason I’m so miserable.”?

To N and J – you were both very much wanted and prayed for – not only by your mommies, but by the village that continues to help us raise you. Thank you for blessing us with your love, your smiles, and your kisses. I’d do it all over again a million times. Every time I hold one of you (or both at the same time!) in my arms, I hope you feel how much your Mo-mo and your Momma love you.

Hug your children, people. And let them know they are wanted. The world needs a little extra of that because of this lunacy.


4 thoughts on “There is no adequate title for this madness

  1. How can they do that to their kids?

    But the doctor never should have transferred two if she said only one, no matter what she signed. Of course why would you sign saying it’s ok for two if you don’t want that done. It sounds like a crappy situation all around and the ones who will suffer the most are the poor kids going through life knowing they weren’t really wanted.

  2. When I heard about this my stomach dropped. I can’t even begin to imagine what a sad person she must be to even think that let alone request that (especially given the IVF factor that I can totally empathize with).

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