Baby Steps

So, you know how my last post was all about the fear that comes with being a parent? Well, I unintentionally tested myself this weekend.

We decided to take the kids to this little amusement park complex in town. It’s two permanent parks designed for little ones and most of the rides allow for parents to ride with the kids. One, however, does not. And we put the kids in their own little spots before I realized we wouldn’t be able to walk with them or stand with them like we do on the carousel. It’s hard to see in this picture, but this is the ride I’m talking about:


You can see the little fishies are small. They are enclosed, and they have seat belts, but when I closed that gate behind me I was petrified. That ride started up and I instantly saw the news headlines, “Lesbian moms watch in horror as their children fall out of amusement park ride.” (I had to add the “lesbian” part because the media always does that, calls us out – especially when something bad happens). Quickly I realized that the looks on my children’s faces were smiles, and they were actually having fun!

I didn’t breathe until the ride was over, and I hadn’t noticed that H had parked herself right by the exit gate in case one of the kids decided to try and stand up – she’d be able to just jump in there and grab them. When the ride came to an end, H went in to get N and passed him over to me. I praised him for being such a big, brave boy. I looked and saw H getting J out of the fish, only to hear J SCREAMING in protest. The crowd around us “awwwed” as everyone realized that J was mad because it was over, not because she had any sort of fear. She wanted to ride again! Unfortunately, we were out of tickets and I think Momma and Momo were out of anxiety meds.

We walked them over to the other park, which happened to be celebrating a free admission weekend courtesy of Tar.get. It’s filled with storybook characters and all sorts of things to climb on. They do storytelling and crafts, and even though it was a bit above the twins’ age level, we figured for free we could check it out.

We walked in and the first thing we saw was the dog. I thought for sure my kids are going to be petrified of this kid in a giant red dog suit. I put J down after I saw that N was brave enough to approach him, and this was the result (click for a bigger version):


J is giving him hugs, and N just kept wanting to touch him and walk around gazing at him. I actually teared up watching my son and daughter – especially as J kept hugging him. It was so adorable. We literally had to tear them both away from him – again, screaming.

All in all, they had a pretty good day. I have to say though, looking at that ride, and the pictures we have of them ON the ride, still fill me with anxiety. I’m not sure we’ll be doing that again anytime soon. But I’m glad to know that there’s a place in town I can test the waters a little bit.


One thought on “Baby Steps

  1. Good for you for getting out there and letting them play without freaking out! Well, freaking out a little….but as a fellow freaker outer I totally know where you’re coming from. Sounds like you have a couple of adventure lovers. I have one adventure lover and one scared-y cat.
    I’m glad they had such a good time. That photo is adorable.

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