The Countdown Begins

So I gave notice yesterday. My last day is the 30th. I’ll take 3 days off and start my new job on the 5th of November.

After almost 7 years, I’m leaving. I know for most people this is no big deal. But I don’t want to even tell anyone I’m leaving because it starts up a huge firestorm (I gave notice a while back and they counter-offered). No counter is coming this time, I’ve pretty much made sure of that, and the market conditions don’t really allow it.

Today my boss asked how much time I could give her to “transition things off my desk.” I’ve already given her more than the requisite two weeks. And given how I’ve been treated over this past year, she’s lucky I didn’t say “fuck you very much” a long time ago.

Even as bad as it’s been, I know it will be hard to leave. And change is scary. And I’m changing industries. Who knows, I could fall on my ass hard. But for now, it’s a good thing.



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