It's official.

Two things happened today.

1. Social Security accepted my documentation, and now my entire family (me, H, and both kids) have the same last name!!!! I’m so excited. This has been 2 years in the making, entailed a trip to the DMV, two trips to Social Security, written and verbal communication with the courts who handled my divorce, and a very nice woman at Social Security today that did everything possible to make sure we could go forward.

2. I started training at my new job. I felt like I was 10 years old staying away from home for the first time. And all I wanted was to go home. Not HOME home, but work home. I wanted what was familiar, what I knew, and what felt normal to me. It’s scary. It’s hard. And I feel like I made a big mistake. I know it will take time, and I’ll settle in, and I’ll figure it out. But that doesn’t change how it felt today. I hope tomorrow is better.


One thought on “It's official.

  1. Awesome about the name change!! That is so wonderful! We still need to change our info at the DMV… just need to make an appt for that to shorten the wait!

    Congrats too on the new job… change is hard. You are going to do great!!

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