Day 3

Today is H’s birthday party. There’s a huge surprise in store for her. This is remarkable for two reasons. First, she’s been increasingly curious as to why she hasn’t gotten her annual birthday check from her parents and has brought it up multiple times in multiple situations. Her dad, who I think didn’t realize that the gift portion of our surprise wasn’t occuring until the weekend after her birthday, sent her birthday card telling her I had her birthday money. So I’m shocked that between her parents and her friends, someone hasn’t blown the lid off this little surprise.

 But, more imporantly, I’m surprised I haven’t given it away. I love giving gifts, I love planning surprises, but then I get so excited about the actual surprise I really, really want to tell the person what’s going on. It’s not that I can’t keep a secret, because I totally can. But when it’s a surprise – a fun present, or something exciting like today’s gift, I just have a hard time keeping it in.

But today she’ll get to find out what it is. And because I know she occasionally reads my blog, I’m not saying what it is until after it’s been opened. But I’ll try and update with details and her reaction!


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