How do you post a blog and maintain anonymity? I’m struggling with the added readership joining National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) has brought me. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t figure I could be on the internet completely unnoticed. And I have close friends who know where this site is. But I try everything possible to avoid my family finding this site. I’ve said some very honest and not-so-nice things about some people who, while I love them very much, have also hurt me very much. But them finding this site would only make things worse.

I think about password protecting it, but I don’t see that as very practical. My desire for familial anonymity is why there is only one picture of my children up, and it’s not on the main page.

How do those of you on either sides of the spectrum (post pictures/don’t post pictures, use real names/don’t use real names) make your decisions? Do you worry about people you don’t want finding your site? Do you worry about weirdos on the ‘net finding pictures of your kids? Or do you figure everything’s accessible if someone wants it badly enough?

I’d love your thoughts…


2 thoughts on “Anonymity?

  1. I use real names and pictures. I know some of my family reads my blog. I don’t say anything online that I wouldn’t say outloud (usually) so that takes away some of the worry. As for pictures, I worry a little, but I also don’t want to let that fear consume me which it would if I let it. For now I don’t mind pictures of them up. I figure when we’re out in public plenty of people look at them that I don’t know. When they get a bit older I may decide not to post them though.

  2. Well, you know that I use real names… but I also keep my blog pretty simple in terms of what I share about others. I figure I just use my blog as info for family & friends… I do feel a little weird about posting pics of us… maybe I watch too much CSI 🙂 I am thinking of moving to another more private blog in the future.

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