The One Where I Fail Miserably

So I’m sitting in a room at a local hotel with 250 other state worker hopefuls. We’re crammed in there 8 to a table, at a table that would likely comfortably seat 6. The test, which was supposed to start at 8 (which is why they asked us all to be there at 7:30) doesn’t start until 8:25, after the proctor gave us the mandatory “don’t share the test information, don’t use calculators, write your name here” crap. I mean seriously, this is a fairly high paying job – if you can’t fill out a scantron, how on earth did you graduate high school?

There were 111 questions on the test. Unfortunately, I think I knew about 12 of them. Suffice it to say, I’m pretty sure I failed miserably. I haven’t guessed on that many test answers since I took the SAT’s. The reality is, the requirements for entrance to the exam were supremely poor preparation for what was on this exam. Since revealing the test information to potential competitors is considered a misdemeanor punishable by state law, you’ll have to trust me.

The good thing is, I can now relax at New Job and settle in like it will be home for awhile. The bad thing is I do feel like I let myself and my family down. Clearly, I got everyone all excited for nothing.

I was really upset when I left the test. Thankfully, I’m a fast test taker, and guessing doesn’t really take long anyway, so I was done in an hour (despite the 2 1/2 hour time limit they allow you). I ended up meeting up with H and the kids, and our friends A & T at O.ld N.avy for a little retail therapy. Plus the nice soy mocha latte from S-bucks didn’t hurt either. I’m less upset now, just more frustrated than anything. I’ll get over it – but there’s nothing quite like failing a test on a Saturday morning to really make you feel good about yourself!


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