I'm spoiled

I came home from work today with a bit of a headache. I was tired. My frustration point was a bit short. H & B went to the bullseye store and left me with the babies. We read, played, and watched a little Sesame Street.

When H & B got home, H disappeared for about 15 minutes upstairs. She called me up like there was something she needed to show me.

She led me into our bathroom where the tub was surrounded by lit candles. There was “spa” music playing on the CD player. There was a choice of fizzy bath salts and a makeshift pillow at one end. I said, “What is this?” H said, “You’ve had a long week, and I could tell you were getting frustrated with the kids. I’ll go take care of the kids. Take your time.”

 So I did. As someone who really struggles to relax (I don’t think I even relax when I’m sleeping). But I managed to sit in the tub listening to the music and just be for about a half hour.

I’m spoiled.


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