Lazy Saturday

The kids are napping (still in last night’s pjs), college football is on, and I’m still in my pjs. It’s 10:30am.

I have an excuse. I have cramps. Some days, being a woman really sucks.

Seriously though, we are finally going to go and replace my glider rocker. We’ll likely head to the giant baby store with the backwards R. You know, the one where you go for one thing and end up spending $300 on clothes and toys you know the kids really don’t need? I’ll post a pic when we get it in the house.

Speaking of pictures, we’re talking about buying a new camera. We’ve both been coveting the camera our good friend over at Uterusx2 managed to get JUST in time for their son to be born. We’ve wanted a digital SLR for a long time (well, I have, and I made H a convert when she saw said friend’s camera). So we’re looking at the Nikon D40x package. I prefer Nikon to Canon, despite a bit of a price differential. My only concern is that we’ll lose the video capability we have with our current point and shoot (which is a P.O.S.). So here’s the question of the day:

Would you buy a second, smaller, point-and-shoot with video capability, OR would you buy just a handheld, digital video recorder? And why?


One thought on “Lazy Saturday

  1. I would not buy the 40x… get the d40 and a nicer lens. You really don’t need the ‘x’ unless you are blowing up poster sized prints… 🙂 Well, unless money is no object… but then, if that is the case, get the d80 🙂 But seriously… all the research really pointed me to the d40 with a nicer lens for less than the d40x with the crappy lens it comes with.

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