The Glider Conspiracy

So we haven’t yet replaced the glider rocker. This is mostly because the internet, well, she lies. Some research prior to hitting the backwards R store was that we could get a decent (not luxurious, but decent) glider for around $200.

Well, I was in the backwards R store yesterday, and the only glider under $200 had practically ZERO padding and was just barely big enough for my expanding backside to fit in. And the conspiracy is that they have these cheap ass gliders lined up with the fancy Dutailier gliders. So you sit on this crappy glider, then you move next to it and sit in a dutailier – which is pretty much the Cadillac of gliders, and that’s how they get you to spend $600.

The thing is, we plan to have more children, so the glider is not just something I’d like to continue using now, it’s something we’d like to have for the future. And I’ve tried crai.gslist, and what I’ve found on there I wouldn’t give away, much less try to sell. Eb.ay isn’t much better.

I was in the bullseye store today and found one that was comfortable, but the wood was a little darker than I’d like. They had a white one, which actually would work and was pretty nice, but they had it up on such a high shelf for display, I’d have to scale the shelving to actually sit in it.

I’ve become increasingly frustrated. It shouldn’t be this difficult to buy a chair, for chrissake. I just want something that my butt fits in, that glides, and that the padding is at least nice enough that I’d let my dog sit in it (not that I would, but if it’s not padded enough for a dog bed then I’m seriously not putting it in my nursery).

Any recommendations? Thoughts? Am I asking too much? It doesn’t help the glider we had borrowed was a Dutailier – certainly not their top of the line, but maybe I’m spoiled by it. I don’t know.

I just want to be able to rock my children when they cry at night.


4 thoughts on “The Glider Conspiracy

  1. No suggestions. We have an old wooden rocking chair that my mom rocked all of us in. I did by a pad for it though which helps. Good luck in your quest.

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