I have a toothache. It’s my own damn fault in part, because the tooth has been broken since I was pregnant. But I was soooo pregnant when it happened that it wasn’t enough an emergency to warrant treating at the time. Then I was trying to raise newborn twins, while one was colicky and I was severely anemic. Then I was back at work. And it wasn’t bothering me, so it definitely moved to the back burner.

Then I went to the dentist to have all the work I knew I needed to have done evaluated. Not bad, but the broken tooth requires a root canal. No worries, except that our dental insurance sucks big time, and the root canal will still cost me out of pocket close to $500. Well, that’s not money we had.

Thankfully, we have the money. Unfortunately, my appointment isn’t until Wednesday, and my tooth literally last night started hurting. And today I’ve been in pain all day. So tomorrow I go to pick up some antibiotics which will hopefully help.

But ow.

And I’m not one who’s afraid of the dentist. But with all the Staph/MRSA talk, this is the first time I’ve been petrified of something like this. What sucks even more is that I’ll have to go through my State interview before I get any real relief from this. I just hope the pain doesn’t get any worse. Right now it’s manageable enough, but much more and I’ll be in trouble…


One thought on “OUCH

  1. Just keep a regular dose of Advil with you at all times. I would take it every 6 hours whether or not it “hurts” at that second. That way, the medication will not need to be built up in your bloodstream…it’s not the best plan but it will keep you out of pain for a few days. (Not that I’ve had any experience with this….right….)

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