2 a.m.

Well, not quite, but that’s the song in my head at 12:45 am sitting on my couch while I type this. I’m up with stomach nasties, and my wife and daughter are snug in my bed, my son is snug in his.

So, yeah, about the whole “nothing to post” business. It’s not that I have nothing to post. It’s that for some reason I can’t focus on one of them long enough to feel like it’s worth reading. So for now, I will bitch about work.

New job is boring. I am highly overpaid (although that’s not a bad thing) to do New job. New job is glorified entry level work. I find myself wishing I had never left Old job, which I know would not have been good either, because Old job had a whole bunch of other troubles (and from what I hear, still does – at least we know it wasn’t me!) But Old job was an industry I’ve recently discovered is the one I want to be in. Which sucks, because it’s pretty much the last industry on anyone’s list of “in demand” positions right now.

I’m still waiting to hear from the State on the interview. But as of yet, my references have not been checked, and I’m guessing that’s a bad sign. I did get an “interest letter” for another position in the department, and I sent in my paperwork for that as well. There are only 2 positions open in that category, but it seems to fit my background better than the one I interviewed for, so there is definite potential.

Meanwhile, I feel like I’m in career limbo. Go back to school? Too expensive, too much time away from the kids. Bounce to another New job? Not good for the resume, and I’d rather not burn a bridge unless it’s clearly for a much better offer. So I guess it’s wait on the State or something like Old job but with stability and less drama.

And please let this stomach nasty just be something I ate and not something that’s going to make it’s way through the house.


One thought on “2 a.m.

  1. Hope you are feeling better this morning!!

    And… for what it’s worth, I say stick with the boring new job (so much less stress for you!!) until something pops up with the state. State jobs take a long time to fill, so who knows what is happening with that job you interviewed for. Def. apply for that new one too!! Something ‘just right’ will happen for you… hang in there!! 🙂

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