Not mine. J’s.

My nanny text messaged me at work saying that J had fallen asleep for 5 minutes in her high chair at lunch and then decided she didn’t need a nap. She’s a power napper that girl.

Anyway, I got home around 4:45, and the kids were playing and started asking for crackers. Leaving the nanny downstairs with them, I went up to change my clothes. By the time I got back down the stairs, J was asleep on the floor, half a cracker next to her little hand. I let her sleep like that for about 30 minutes, because I didn’t want her napping too close to bed time.

I woke her and we had a little dinner picnic in the living room. We turned on some Ses.ame Str.eet and the kids started dancing around the living room. A few minutes later J, who had previously been standing watching El.mo, fell over backwards.

That’s right, fell over. We believe that she literally fell asleep standing up.

Which explains why she crawled in my lap, put her head down on my shoulder and said “ni-ni.”


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