Yeasty Yuckiness

In less than thrilling news, J has a yeast infection. It’s been over a week since the twins stopped antibiotics, but it is possible it was mild enough for us to miss it until now. She doesn’t appear overly uncomfortable, and the only real kink in the treatment plan is that she HATES to have cream applied ANYWHERE in her diaper area. Diaper rash is a bitch to treat, because she’ll rock back and forth and not stop moving in an attempt to keep us from getting cream on her. She doesn’t even like baby powder on her butt.

So tonight was her first treatment, and she was really good about it. But I was traumatized. I told my almost 2 year old daughter that she was not to allow anyone to touch her there and only let Mama and Momo and her Nana do it when we’re giving her medicine. Even saying this to her made me feel creeped out. My baby girl, and I feel like I already have to protect her against pervs who want to do unspeakable things. Some days, I hate the world we live in. It’s tempered by the fact that she says to me “Lu you Mommy” before going down for the night. I’d give anything to protect that little voice that’s for sure, right along with the little man next to her who says “All-riiiiiight” when someone makes a basket in a game on TV.


One thought on “Yeasty Yuckiness

  1. I want to put our kids in a big bubble… the world out there scares me – I don’t trust many people. Good for you guys though, starting early on that stuff – I think that is great. We’ll do the same thing.

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