I broke my butt

Tonight was bowling night. We got there, after a visit to Sub.way for dinner, and the guy in charge tells us we have a buy week. Apparently he didn’t think it was important enough to call us and tell us not to come. Apparently, last week a team that was supposed to be playing as one team, split and played as two. I’m not sure how this managed to escape him last week, but I digress.

So we managed to be able to bowl on one of the lanes they have to keep open for other regular paying customers, after waiting 45 minutes for the group that was there to finish. I bowl last in our group. I get set, make my way up there, stretch out and as my ball rolls off my hand, I feel that giant muscle in my left butt cheek snap like a rubber band. Ok, maybe not snap, but something happened and all of a sudden I was in P-A-I-N.

To further solidify my geek-dome after injuring myself BOWLING, I then stretched. In the bowling alley. I leaned over, with my feet apart, ass out, and stretched. Oh. My. God.


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