Not nearly as fun as Shamu

Last week, H came down with a cold. Then of course, the kids. I’m on the verge of it, but maybe it won’t be bad.

Anyway, yesterday, J didn’t eat much – there was a lot going on in our house. We had friends over who have a baby (5month old) boy and are pregnant with twins as well. There was a lot of playing and such, so eating wasn’t her priority. Typical for her. Before bed, I gave them some tylenol, because if their heads feel anything like mine, it would at least help a little.

This morning, they were both in our bed by 5 am. That’s actually a good stretch for us. But J was acting really weird. Usually once she’s up, she’s up. But she would walk around, then lay down on the floor. She laid in bed with me for a bit and slept. She said “poopy” which usually means time for a diaper change – so we went to the kids room. She practically fell asleep on the changing table naked. I started to get really concerned. This kind of behavior is really out of character.

We went downstairs, and she laid on the floor again. I brought a sippy of milk over and she didn’t even get up. We made her a waffle, and she sat on my lap on the couch. She was shaking. I asked H if we should take her to urgent care. She said for what? I said “lethargy and the shaking?”. She said let’s hold off, maybe she’s just not feeling good.

Almost on cue, J PROJECTILE vomited all over H. Twice.

After a shower with H, a bath with me (so H could actually wash the ick off of her), she seems to be back to normal, just with a cold. We think the lack of food, and all the excess snot upset her belly.

Man for a little girl that girl can puke. And watch out if you hear her say “poopy” because apparently that means – “the first few rows may get wet.”


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