So today was my birthday.  I’m pretty low-key about these sorts of things when it comes to me. I don’t generally like a big deal made out of it, and it’s nice when it falls on a weekend because then I can just have my birthday with my family and not feel like everyone feels obligated to say “Happy Birthday”.

So this morning, my wife took me to breakfast.  Before that, she unveiled her special project, which was a great collection of pictures of the kids, in black and white, framed in our office.  I love it.  It completes the room we’ve been working so hard on, and it looks like our mini art gallery.  After breakfast, she wanted to clean the house because we had guests coming for dinner, so I took the kids and our friend’s sister to a kiddie amusement park here in town. The kids rode rides, drank lemonade, and took their first pony rides.  Then, we got back, and the kids absolutely refused to take a nap, so everyone got bathed and dressed, and enjoyed an evening of great food (cooked by my wife of course) and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over our friends’ babies.

Big gifts are fun, but I think being broke makes for much better birthdays. This one ranks pretty high up there.  Thanks, babe – and thanks to N & J, who sing me “Happy Birthday” even when it isn’t my birthday, so every day feels like a holiday.


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