I’m grateful for my wife, who loves me and puts up with me, even when I don’t think I deserve her.

I’m grateful for my beautiful children, who adore us and who bring laughter and joy to every day.

I’m grateful for a job that provides me the freedom to be who I am, provides health benefits for my family, and enough money that we made it through a very trying financial time.

I’m grateful for my wife’s perseverance and for the new opportunity in front of her.

I’m grateful for a daycare provider who my children adore and who adores them back.

I’m grateful for a roof over our heads, one that provides us enough space and fodder for our creativity to make it uniquely ours.

I’m grateful for our family of friends, those we see often and those we don’t, who provide us with support and love.  I’m grateful for the chance to return the favor.

I’m grateful for a little chunky nephew who slept against his Auntie more than once in the time we saw him.

I’m grateful for family that love us, as frustrating as they can be sometimes.

My blessings are many, and despite blogging mostly about frustrations, my complaints are few.


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