Tuesday morning I started to have some stomach pains. It seemed like it might be muscular, so I thought I’d wait it out. By Thursday, I was in severe pain. I saw my doctor, who sent me to the ER. Now, because my stomach pains were radiating through to my chest making it hurt to breathe, this was cause for concern. A portable EKG in the Dr.’s office said I was fine, as did the EKG in the ER.

3 hours, lots of blood tests, and a chest x-ray later, the ER doctor returns to tell me he doesn’t have good news. All my tests are normal. I’m not sure one what planet that is not good news, but I get it also means they aren’t totally sure what is wrong.

They treat me for severe gastritis, prescribe an acid blocker pill, and send me on my way.

For this I missed two days of work. Rest, and fancy My.lanta.

And of course this all happens on the two days H is 500 miles away for work. Nobody said I didn’t do things big.

Back at work today, and feeling much better. Hope your weekend was less eventful.


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