Fire Drill

Yesterday was busy. I got home from judging a parade and hung out with the kids and some friends. N had developed a cold the night before, so we were laying low. H was watching college football with some friends. We watched a really bad movie (Baby Mama) and everyone headed to bed.

In the middle of the night, on the verge of getting a cold, J woke up and had a total meltdown. We ended up letting her just wind down in our room and eventually she just climbed into our bed and went to sleep. This was about 2am.

About 5:30, H apparently had gotten up to pee. Next thing I know she’s standing in our hallway screaming: “K!!!! Get up!!! EVERYBODY GET UP GET UP! THE WHOLE HOUSE IS FILLED WITH SMOKE!!!”

All of a sudden, H, N (our nanny – more on that later), and I are standing by the kitchen trying to focus. However, I don’t see or smell smoke, or anything that remotely resembles fire. J is in our bed, awake but very confused.

H opened the windows in the kitchen, thinking the fire must be at a neighbor’s house. Finally with enough wits about me, I said, “I don’t…smell anything…or see anything.”

I could see H’s body language change from tense to relaxed. She looked around and realized the smoke she thought she saw wasn’t there. We all crawled back in our respective beds, with J still in ours, and went to sleep.

When we all woke later this morning, H insisted that she had gotten up to pee only to realize she was seeing black smoke in the backyard. When she opened our bedroom door to investigate, she was certain the smoke had filled the house. She did the right thing in waking us all up, but we’ve since begun teasing her about the “Wake Up Drill.”

It did make us realize we need a fire drill exit plan. And maybe to teach H to put on her glasses before she gets up to pee.


3 thoughts on “Fire Drill

  1. That’s hilarious! Glasses are a must when getting up for pee breaks!! I need to get a fire drill for our house, too. It is fire prevention month, so H was just on top of things! πŸ˜‰

    Baby Mama was great! πŸ˜›

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