Love, Not 8

I don’t post pictures of my kids on this site very often, and when I do, you can’t really see their faces. But here they are:

These are the faces you harm if you vote for Proposition 8 in California. These are the faces of children with two moms who love them more than life itself, two moms who would do anything to keep them safe and happy, two moms who work very hard to make sure that they are taken care of.

That little girl on the right? She’s super smart. She knows her ABC’s, her numbers to 20 in English and Spanish, and most of the colors in Spanish as well. She loves Dora, Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street, and her twin brother. She likes to sleep on the floor instead of her big-girl bed. She loves chicken, yogurt, and milk.

That little man on the left? He’s a born athlete. He can make a basket in his mini-hoop from across the room with any ball you give him. He loves to dance. He likes pizza and milk and will even try salad once in awhile. He knows his ABC’s and his numbers in Spanish and English, too. He loves Dora and Diego, and Thomas the Train. He loves his Momo very much.

Look at those faces. Look at them until you have them etched in your brain. And if you vote for Proposition 8, you can make it your goal in life to find them and tell THEM that you don’t think their moms should be able to get married.  That you think their family is an abomination.  That you think they never should have been born into the family they love and adore.

These are the faces you hurt by voting for Proposition H8. Not mine. Not my wife’s. Theirs. Remember them. Remember their names when you go into the voting booth. Nathan. Julia. Children BORN into a two-mom household: wanted, loved, prayed for.  Children looking to those who can vote to speak on their behalf – because they can’t do it yet.  When you stop seeing this as a GAY issue and start seeing it as a FAMILY issue, only then will you see Proposition H8 for the evil it is.

Go ahead. Print the picture out and take it with you if you want. Look in their eyes and try and punch “Yes” for Proposition 8. I only pray you can find it in your heart not to. For their sake.


3 thoughts on “Love, Not 8

  1. Why do people think that “marriage” constitutes a family? And why is it that if you can’t get married, your kids are harmed? Who cares what the state of California says?

    If you ask me, marriage is between a man and a woman, period. That’s how I define MARRIAGE —- NOT FAMILY.

    Get over it. Let people vote how they want. Love your kids and continue to treat them as the King and Queen that they are…. but don’t put them in the middle of some stupid ass political battle to only be used as pawns.

  2. Here’s the problem Bill, in a larger context, marriage rights in CA is another step towards national recognition, which includes over 1100 rights and responsibilities that married couples receive that gay couples do not, including inheritance, retirement rights, social security, etc…Therefore, if we can’t get married, and something happens to my wife (their non-biological mother), my children have no claim to anything unless we spend thousands of dollars on an attorney.
    I did not put my children in the middle of this battle – the people attacking my rights did. So I want them to know what they look like. And I will not “get over it.” If someone told you that you could not marry your wife, or you could have a piece of paper that says she’s your wife but it’s meaningless when it comes to all the legal ramifications, I’d bet you’d want to do something about it.
    Normally I’d moderate out ignorance. But I’m taking the high road here and just assuming you’re not informed as opposed to truly ignorant.

  3. You are so right… it’s not about being gay at all. It’s about providing the same EQUAL rights that every other US Citizen gets. It’s about protecting family… you know, like the Republican base is always talking about. Oh yeah wait – they only mean families just like theirs.

    Quit rocking the boat and wanting the same legal opportunities as your fellow Americans. Don’t push the envelope… just get over it already. Isn’t being treated like a second class citizen enough for you?? Don’t you enjoy the integration of church and state??

    Some people will never get it… frustrating I know.

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