My reasons for No on 8

Argue with that. Without hate speech, without talking about the Bible, without telling me to accept separate but unequal. Argue it.

Try. You can’t.

Vote no on 8 tomorrow. Need another reason?


One thought on “My reasons for No on 8

  1. What a great post of few words! I cant see enough No on 8 blog entries. Our family has high hopes for tomorrow. As two moms of a 15yr old son and a little girl on the way, having just been legally married, so much rides on it. I hope that people realize that as much as Yes on 8 says that Domestic Partnership offers the same rights as traditional marriage, it does NOT.

    We just found this out when we got our official marriage license. We went to change our retirements and the person doing our paperwork said, “Oh good, you have an official marriage license. If you only have a domestic partnership, one or the others family can challenge retirement benefits upon death, and you dont get the interest accrued on the retirement account. Now you both will”.

    We were floored, because we’re research hounds, and we hadnt known that. So, thank you for this post, hopefully it will encourage anyone who was going to vote Yes, to vote a resounding NO. We wish the best for you and your beautiful family 🙂

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