Some Random Cuteness on Election Day

One of the kids’ favorite things to play right now is “Ring Around The Rosie.” Now, before you get all indignant on me, it is NOT a reference to the Plague, no matter what that forwarded email in your inbox tells you.

Anyway, they will run in circles in the living room singing it loudly and then collapse in a heap on the floor. It took me a second, but I realized J was singing this:

“Ring around the rosie…
A BUCKET of rosies (emphasis added because she yells the word)
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.”

Now, “A Pocket full of posies” is tough because they have no reference for it in real life. First of all, I’ve never differentiated posies from any other flower for them, so they don’t realize posies ARE flowers. They of course know what pockets are, but if you don’t know what posies are, who knows if you’d really want them in your pockets anyway? I’m not totally sure if they could pick a rose out from any other flower, but it’s certainly more of a commonly used term than posies (at least in our house), and they know what a bucket is.

So it stands to reason: if you don’t know what posies are, then you don’t know if you want a pocket full of them. But a bucket of rosies? Now who wouldn’t want that?


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