Monday, Monday

So we’ve moved, but we’re still dealing with some glitches at the new house. Yours truly, along with our nanny, fixed the dishwasher and the garbage disposal. It was simply a product of bad installation. However, we were not so lucky with our dryer. It gets no heat, and the landlord can’t have someone out until Wednesday, so H went to the laundromat today to get all our laundry done. Fun stuff. Last but not least, our oven makes the most HIDEOUS noise when the fan comes on. So we’ll be talking about that Wednesday with him.
We also discovered our next door neighbor is a crazy lady who’s sole goal in life is to make her neighbors miserable. She was rude to Heidi, called our landlord about a stupid issue, and her craziness was cemented by confirmation from the neighbor on the other side of her telling us about her whole illustrious list of crazy incidents. Case in point, the reason she called our landlord was because H had put up our inflatable Santa and tied the tether to the fence between their yard and ours. Apparently the fence is “off limits”. She said as much when she came outside to chastise us for N climbing on the fence (which by the way H was telling him to get down from AS crazy neighbor lady came outside.) H then asked her if it was ok that Santa was tethered to the fence. She said she’d have to ask her husband. H said no, she’d reconfigure it. And did. And THEN, crazy neighbor lady called the landlord to complain about something that had been resolved. The landlord acknowledged that he should have warned us she was “sensitive” about the fence. Apparently it went up because the previous owner didn’t mow his lawn enough. The stone wall on the other side between crazy lady’s house and nice neighbor lady’s house went up because nice neighbor lady’s son was blowing the leaves with the blower and some stray leaves ended up on crazy lady’s lawn.
Fun stuff. Nice neighbor lady did say that she hopes crazy lady won’t scare us off. Nah. If all goes well, maybe we’ll buy the house so we can truly torment crazy neighbor lady!


2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. LMAO!!! Oh man, we had one of these. We’re telling you now, if you buy, we’ll donate to the ‘house fund’ just to keep hearing about how crazy lady is crazy over nothing, lol 😉

  2. Oh, nice neighbor told us crazy neighbor will keep balls that accidentally end up in her yard and will call parking enforcement at the drop of a hat if someone’s car is parked in a way not in accordance with the parking laws. I think I’ve figured out why the previous owner fenced off the side yard and made it a “garden.”

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