Love it

Changing minds, one at a time.

Tammy Lynn Etheridge, wife of Melissa Etheridge, originally expressed very strong feelings about the choice of Rick Warren by President-Elect Barack Obama.

She has a great post today about how she feels now.


3 thoughts on “Love it

  1. eh… Tammy Lynn just doesn’t impress me on the whole marriage thing. Separate but equal… your drinking fountain, my drinking fountain. As long as we both get to drink, right?? As long as it’s not from the same fountain of course. Maybe when you have a shitload of money, you just don’t care about the semantics of things?? LOL I want a civil marriage. Not a religious marriage 🙂

  2. I think that her opinion somewhat reflects how I envision M.E. to be from what I’ve seen. Staunchly ready for a fight, but always willing to let others believe what they feel strongly about. She comes off as a very forgiving and loving person who knows when to pick a fight and when to err on the side of allowing others to be ‘human’. I like what she had to say. I agree with some of it, and disagree with some. Snack for thought for sure 🙂

  3. Well, I think that we are fooling ourselves if we think that the religious marriage ‘traditionalists’ are ever going to concede the word marriage. And sometimes the progress to true change comes with accepting something in between, and then making the real change once people realize that the in-between change didn’t end the world.
    I agree that she clearly is jaded on the issue because they can afford all kinds of attorneys to keep them safe. But I see the hope in it, that if someone like Rick Warren can find common ground with Tammy Lynn and M.E., then there is hope for us peons too.

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