Happy Birthday Baby Goodness

Merry Christmas all! I got home early yesterday and we finished getting the presents wrapped and everything organized.  Then we got the kids up from their naps and got them all gussied up for church. They were SO DANG CUTE!

So we headed off to pick up their Nana D and off to church we weant. While I love the midnight service, it’s just too late for the kids, so we went to the 5pm service where they do the Christmas Pageant with the Sunday School kids. They were all so adorable. My favorite part is when they do the Friendly Beasts song. The kids were so good. Rochelle kept wanting the Book of Common Prayer on her lap to “read” and Raymond had the Hymnal as if he was reading the music. They were quiet, although not still, during the entire thing, and were so good. Rochelle even took her first full communion.

Then it was off to Nana D’s for some meatballs and lasagna, YUMMY. We had promised the kids if they were good they could open a present at Nana D’s so that’s all they were focused on when we got there. You should have seen Raymond’s face when he saw all the presents wrapped in Thomas the Train paper. Nana D really outdid herself, on the food and the stuff for the kids.

The twins’ aunties showed up (they did not go to church, a story for a whole other post) and Auntie Marie was already drunk. Fantastic. Apparently, that’s the only way she can handle Nana D. Again, fodder for another post. Auntie Colleen, (Auntie Marie’s partner), was asking Raymond about church.

Now this story needs a little background. We’ve been really conscious about the things the kids say, such as we don’t allow them to say “Oh my God.” We’ve told them they should say “Oh my goodness.” So the outcome of this is that if you say ANYTHING other than “Oh my goodness” (even “Oh my gosh” or “Oh my word”) they will correct you, vehemently.They are a little confused as to why sometimes it’s ok to talk about God (like in church, or saying prayers) but I think they are catching on to the differences.

So Auntie Colleen is asking Raymond about what he learned at church, and he says, “singing” and “we don’t talk loud”.  And then Auntie Colleen says, “Did you learn about Baby Jesus?” And Raymond looks at her sternly and says “NO Auntie!! Baby GOODNESS!!!”

I thought the entire room was going to cry we were laughing so hard.

Now, I’m not sure how he made that connection, because we don’t say “Oh my Jesus” around here, and I don’t know who would. We’ve probably been known to throw out a “Jesus” a time or two out of frustration or the like (sorry Dean Baker) but we’re really trying to not do that around the kids. But he clearly made the connection. And it made for a wonderful moment.

So Merry Christmas to everyone. May your day be joyous and worry-free. And Happy Birthday Baby Goodness.


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