On Rick Warren

I was relatively irritated at President-Elect Obama’s choice for the invocation at the inauguration. But, I reasoned, there should be room for everone at the table, right? I mean, the reality is, if President Obama wants to prove he is speaking to everyone in the country, that has to include the fundamentalists among us, right?

Maybe not. Because maybe it’s more important for him to show he won’t be pandering to those who speak hate in the name of God.

Because women like her need to know that our President will speak for them too.  Because this woman should be shown that something as simple as a prayer doesn’t have to be another act of oppression.

I didn’t feel strongly about it before. But allowing someone who invokes the name of God to promote hate (however veiled it may be) to speak in front of the world with the endorsement of the President on behalf of the people of the United States?  Well, it’s a really good way to start off alienating 10 percent of the population, on day 1.

Let’s hope we can only go up from there.


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