Dr.’s vs. Lawmakers

Octomom Bill

Apparently the great state of Georgia thinks they are going to legislate away a repeat of the Nadya Suleman fiasco.

While I agree the Nadya Suleman situation is regrettable and the result of a completely unethical doctor and mentally unstable patient (in my opinion), I DO NOT want the government telling my doctor how many embryos she can or cannot transfer (TRANSFER, not implant) on any given patient. This is a decision that MUST be made based on the patient history, embryo quality at the time of transfer, and any number of subtle hormonal issues that may be present.

Just one more nail in the assisted reproduction brought to us by Nadya Suleman.


2 thoughts on “Dr.’s vs. Lawmakers

  1. It’s bad enough that other states will want to pass this kind of legislation because of her, but then you add that she’s not even a Lesbian. So basically, our lives are going to be complicated by the fiasco that is Octomom. Sad. Really sad.

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