No more Octomom after this

I promise.

But I was so mortified by this  (from an Orange County Register article today about her move to La Habra):

On the “Dr. Phil” show Tuesday, Suleman said that she got money from selling pictures of the octuplets to put toward the $565,000 house.

If those aren’t the actions of a sleazy, opportunistic, media-seeking, mentally ill woman, I don’t know what is. I’d rather live in a one-bedroom apartment than sell images of my children for a down payment on a house.

Someone please help her, or find someone who can take appropriate care of her children. STOP making her a media darling. STOP hanging on her every word and action. And for God’s sake, DO NOT PAY HER for her appearances.

With that, no more on octomom. I promise.


One thought on “No more Octomom after this

  1. Have you been watching the Dr.Phil’s on this lady? Jen and I cant stop watching, it’s like a train wreck. However, as wrong as she is, we’re glad that Dr. P got help for the baby’s. Because as sick as it all is, they’re what’s really important. I especially loved how the preemie specialist pinned her to the wall on explaining how stressed out her poor little babys are right now 😦

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