There’s been some interesting things going on surrounding my job situation.  I do work for the government, which means that, at least in my state, there are a lot of opportunities to do things that are (or can be) really interesting.  I started out here a year and a half ago, in a brand new program.  The perils of new programs are many, and I think we experienced pretty much all of them.

I made the decision to try something new, but in my same Department/Agency, and it’s not working out as I had planned.  So this week, I’ve been interviewing.  I landed an interview on Tuesday for a Lead position that I’m way more interested in now than before I interviewed, and the bonus is it comes with free parking – which is about a $90/month raise.  Although, I’ve been using public transit, so the net effect would be I could control my schedule by driving and not pay any MORE than I’m currently paying to drag my ass to work.  Nice plus, especially for someone who’s twins are not consistent in the decisions they make about when they like to come to my bed and how well they want to sleep in said bed.  Hrmph. 3 year olds (almost).

The manager from Tuesday’s interview has already contacted all three of my references, as of 5pm last night.  THAT’S a pretty good sign.  Hopefully I hear something soon.

Today’s interview is the one that I thought I would be super excited about, but now I’m going more just to keep the commitment, because I really think I want Tuesday’s.  I guess today’s is my back-up.  Who knows, maybe I’ll love it.  We’ll see.  The positive about the transportation situation with today’s is I could still keep taking public transit without any change in routine at this point.  But I’d REALLY like to get back to driving – I know I know, greenhouse gasses and all that, but it’s really difficult to deal with the unbloggable right now without a car.  So that’s a factor, albeit a really small one, considering the unbloggable is still not even close to fruition.

As my current Department is my first foray into government employment, I didn’t realize that other Departments/Agencies were any different.  My good friend W, on the other hand, is a self-proclaimed “State War horse” and has a LOT to say about here vs. everywhere else.  And I trust her.  So even though I’m on a list here for a manager position, I’m not sure this is where I want to put down long-term roots.

In non-work related news, the twins will be 3 in exactly a week. A WEEK people!!! 3 year olds!!! Although, they’ve been ACTING 3 for a good month and a half now.  Boy 3 is challenging.  It’s so rewarding, because their language and comprehension are improving so much, but the challenging things are SO challenging.  Like. Dinner.  O.M.G.  Every night we are on them to actually eat instead of play at the dinner table. Most nights I dont’ think they even come close to a full belly.  But what do you do? We’ve tried time outs, time in their room until everyone else is finished, hell last night I actually spoon fed my daughter.  She ate.  But seriously?

I know it will pass.  I feel bad for H who is dealing with the frustrations all day as our SAHM.  And she’s a wonderful SAHM and SAHWife.  She’s amazing.  The kids do errands with her, they play outside, and she usually has dinner on the stove before I even get home.  Seriously, she’s the best.  But I’m trying to find a way to help her in getting some “her” time.  It hasn’t helped I’ve been working quite a few Saturdays at my part-time gig.  So she’s been the primary parent 6 days instead of just 5.  I know that’s tough.  And our schedules are such over the next month or so that there’s not a lot of time for me to give her a break on the weekend because we are sooooooo booked.

I’m thinking a night out with her friends?  Letting her use my massage gift certificate that I got for Christmas and still haven’t used? Any ideas?  Because she really deserves it, and I really want her to know I don’t take her for granted.  This was not our plan, me working and her at home.  But it’s working out well, we’re managing to stay afloat financially, and we’re probably less stressed then we have been previously because there’s a parent at home with the kids.  But it’s been a tough transition I think, and I want her to know that I appreciate everything she does and hope she doesn’t feel taken advantage of.

Alrighty, on with my day. I’ll update more when I know something on the job front.  As for everything else, we just keep on keepin’ on!


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