Uh yeah

So, apparently I’m a total douche and it’s been about a month since my last post. I’m not really sure I have a good excuse, other than I guess I haven’t had much to say. Or maybe I’m lazy. Or both. Either way, wow, I suck big time.

So for anyone who actually doesn’t have reader or bloglines or something that TELLS you when bloggers update and you actually have to manually type in my blog address to check if I’ve written anything – I’m sorry. The rest of you probably haven’t even noticed I’ve been gone.

SO, let’s see – the twins started gymnastics and had their second class tonight. The first class was on a Saturday with a totally different teacher and the difference in experience was very obvious. First class – teacher was all about being “happy happy joy joy” and fun. She had minimal control of the class but they had a good time anyway. Tonight, new day, new teacher, and wow. They learned actual skills (like how to “present” after a somersault”) and she forced them to sit, listen, and watch, before getting up to play at the various ‘stations’ they have. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I haven’t figured out which – she’s kind of a hard ass too. One of the girls was totally not listening or behaving, and more than once during warm-up the teacher (Miss Denise) told her that if she wasn’t going to behave she could go sit with her mom and dad and watch. As a result of said child’s lack of listening, and the other girl choosing not to listen RIGHT before the time when they usually let the kids play in the bounce house for a few minutes, Miss Denise decided NOT to let them do the bounce house because they weren’t all behaving. Which sucked for my kids because if they do anything, it’s behave 1000 times better for everyone but me – so they were being good and didn’t quite understand why no bounce house. Miss Denise tried the old “everyone has to behave or nobody gets to do the bounce house” but jeez, they are 3. Kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I get that she can’t have some kids in the bounce house and some not – doesn’t work well for supervision, but I sort of felt like my two got shortchanged.

Thing is, THEY didn’t really seem to care. They paused a bit and Nate tried to explain that HE could go in the bounce house because HE was being good. My sweet boy. But they jumped on the trampoline and did somersaults and played and followed directions REALLY well. So I’m torn. This week the LEARNED more, last week they had more fun. And the reality is I want them to learn gymnastics AND have fun. And last week they really didn’t LEARN much, but that was ok with me because it was their first time.

Let me clarify these classes are not set up in succession – 3 year olds can enroll anytime in the 3 year old class, and when they turn 4 they go to the 4 year old class, once they can do all the skills the 3 year old class teaches them. It’s gymnastics at a GYMNASTICS school, as opposed to through parks and rec or gym.boree. Of course, this was the week my wife decided having the house to herself for 2 hours sounded like a good idea, so I’m totally second-guessing my first impression of this girl and hoping I feel differently next week. I should clarify, the kids said they had fun, they liked Miss Denise, and they want to go back next week. So I suppose I shouldn’t complain. But those are my babies, you know? And I want them to squeeze as much fun and joy out of everything they do.

In non twin-related news, I started my new job last week. Everyone is really nice. Of course, JUST as I start there, literally no less than SIX management positions come open at my new agency, and a seventh should be coming in the next few days. The seventh, well, let’s just say that should be my job. It’s in my old program, and the woman leaving is my old boss. Who says I would “rock at the job”. But while working for her was awesome, working for her boss – not so awesome. The idea of moving into management after only a year and a half at the State is appealing, but at the same time, my current agency is flexible, family-friendly, small, and most importantly, federally funded. So the current budget issues with the State are not really an issue for us. At least right now. Lots can change, but so far that is the case.

My parents come into town this weekend to hang out for my dad’s birthday and see the twins and just spend time together. They come in on Friday and leave on Monday. I love my parents, but that is just about the exact perfect amount of time.

I have a whole long post about sleep issues with the twins, our ex-nanny/roommate, and my rapidly deteriorating opinion of our living situation in light of these things, but I’m beat and it’s getting late. I promise I won’t wait a month before I post again.


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