Beautiful Disaster

Sometimes I feel like parenting two 3 year-olds is more chaos management than parenting twin infants. As infants, they stay where you put them, they don’t make the ‘angry face’ at you, and they generally aren’t found doing gymnastics on the living room couch.

And parenting two 3 year-olds reveals every flaw you have. A little impatient? Multiply it by 1000 when your child won’t stop playing with his breakfast and as a result, even though you’ve asked him to stop messing with the cereal bowl 42 times, the bowl dumps-milk and all, onto the carpet. Tend to lose your temper quickly? Try telling a 3 year-old literally 10 times to clean up their toys only to find them in their room drawing on their dresser with a crayon (don’t worry, it came off). Easily swayed by tears? Try putting a 3 year-old to bed early because she refuses to stop jumping on the couch when 3 separate time-outs haven’t worked, only to have her sob “I don’t want to go to bed…I love you.”

The reality is, parenting infants is a breeze compared to 3 year-olds. But God works in mysterious ways. We love infants because they are snuggly and cute and fall asleep on your chest. It makes up for the constant puking, crapping, crying, and sleepless nights. And the beautiful disaster of toddlerhood is that while they drive you crazy with their “no’s”, leaving their toys strewn all over the house, and having their own opinion and losing their mind when they don’t get their way – they are the same little people who shout to you during gymnastics “Mommy look at me! I did it!” and call you to their room after going to bed for the night just to tell you they “need a hug and a kiss and a pffft” (I give J raspberries on her neck and that’s what she calls them). They are the same kids who, in the middle of dinner, announce that they just “need a hug, but not a kiss” while their sibling says “but I need hug AND a kiss” as if to one-up the other.

And they are the same kids who, when you go to kiss them goodnight in their beds after they’ve been fast asleep for a few hours, make you want to scoop them up and snuggle with them. They are the same kids who call out for you in the middle of the night, and when you go to them and pick them up, they still wrap themselves around you with their head on your shoulder. And they are the same kids who make each and every day worth living.


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