So, my birthday was wonderful. We did sort of a revolving dinner party that started on Friday night and ended on Tuesday night, with a break on Monday night! It was only because nobody could coordinate their schedules to get together on the same night. So Friday we had dinner at home with our friend M and her girls, and then Saturday we went out with J & M and I got my tattoo (see the “inked” post below). Sunday we got up early and went to the zoo with our friend C & S and their trio (and Gamma!) and then Tuesday we went out with A & T. Phew!

Sunday was my actual birthday, and the kids were so cute. They came into my room with presents they had picked out themselves. N was holding a bag and a card and J was holding a little wrapped box and a card. They also picked out the cards themselves, so I have a “Cars” card from N and a card with a pony on it from J. As I was reading N’s card, J started to blurt out what was in the box she was holding. “It’s a brac…” and H and I managed to call her off (even though I knew what she was saying). We told her presents are supposed to be a surprise. So she waited patiently as N handed me his bag, and as he said:

“It’s a purse! You can put your bracelet in it!”

We just fell apart laughing. It was so cute. Then I opened J’s box to find not a bracelet, but a necklace. Beautiful. I’m such a lucky girl.

It’s been a super busy week and I’m finally starting to unwind. I have a whole bunch of posts brewing and hopefully I’ll get to one or two this weekend.

Below, my “bracelet” and below that, my lovelies.

Photo 45

holding hands


One thought on “Post-Birthdayness

  1. You know, we talked about your necklace (and jewelry artists), but I’m not sure I ever told you how pretty I think it is!! I think it suits you perfectly!! 🙂 Glad we got to spend your special day with you!!

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