Utah bound

Well, we’re off to my in-laws for a few days with the kids. They (my in-laws AND the kids) are very excited to see each other. It’s been over a year since we’ve all been together and we are hoping for some relaxing time, maybe some hikes, time at the park, and I’m hoping to convince H to take the twins to a children’s museum or two. We’ll see (I printed discount coupons just in case!)

Since airfare would run us about $1000 that we don’t have, we are driving. It should take us about 11 hours to get there, if we don’t stop along the way. We’ll see how H does. I can’t drive at night – my brain simply shuts down. So if she gets too tired, we’ll head to the nearest Mo.tel 6 or whatever and catch some zzzz’s. We’re leaving at 8pm tonight, hoping the kids pretty much just sleep through the drive.

I can’t BELIEVE how much luggage it takes to get us all out of the house for 5 days. My clothes, H’s clothes, N & J’s clothes, N & J’s toys, etc… Goodness you’d think we were going to be gone for a month!

We’re bringing the laptop and the cameras, so I’m hoping to do some posting while we’re there. It’s actually been fall in Utah for awhile now so there should be some fall colors (as opposed to here where it went from 100 degrees to 70 just this week). Mainly, we are just getting to spend some quality family time and get a bit of a change of scenery.


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