…aaaaaand we’re back.

So we came home from Utah yesterday. It was a long drive, punctuated by road work in Truckee and resulting in severe carsickness for J, the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Poor girl. The last of it (and worst of it) occurred about 30 minutes from home as we were descending from the backside of the mountain and it hurt my heart to have to put her back into the car knowing that was the last thing she would have chosen at that moment. It was also the only time she got carsick the whole trip.

But, let me start from the beginning. We had decided to make the trip at night, thinking 1) the kids would sleep through it, and 2) H drives better at night (weird, I know). Well, 2) was true, but let’s just say sleep wasn’t on the kids brains, and even when it was, sleep was short and fitful. We arrived in Utah about 6am Utah time, and fell into bed with the kids for a few hours. Everyone spent the day re-acquainting (it’s been a year since we saw H’s parents – which is a loooong time in toddler/preschooler time) and just enjoying the space around us:

Bike riding in the back yard

Park across the street

On Friday, we got up and went to the train museum in Odgen. Unlike our museum here, the interior was more “museum-like,” with photographs and things to read, so the kids weren’t too interested until we got outside with the big, real trains:

Climbing the trains

Afterwards, we went to the Air Force base (H’s dad is a retired Colonel) and did some shopping. Boy did the kids get spoiled! The BX is fun when Oma and Opa basically give you carte blanche to choose what you want! They were good though, J got a little baby doll and N got a matchbox car launcher that looks like a big rig. They got books and slippers, too. They fought over who got to ride in Opa’s car (he only had one carseat) and eventually it got so bad we had Opa drive our truck with both seats and we drove his car.

We had a birthday party on Saturday for all the October birthdays – H and a few of her cousins. It was nice spending time with them, especially little E, who we hadn’t met yet. He is 18 months old and just a little sweetheart. I can only imagine how much happier he’d be without the ear infection – because he was so good and so happy with it! We also spent time with H’s grandparents, who are getting up there age-wise, and her grandmother’s mindset is deteriorating even though her health isn’t too bad. The kids took some time to warm to them, but managed to get some laughs in playing with party hats and noisemakers. The way to a kid’s heart? Laughter, for sure.

Meanwhile, we had talked to H’s dad about building a step stool for the kids, because they aren’t tall enough to reach the sinks in the house. It makes it a struggle, especially downstairs. He went above and beyond, don’t you think?

Top of N's Stool
Side of N's stool
Front of J's stool
Underneath (N's has this too)

Sunday we spent the day just hanging out and went back to the BX for a few things that we wanted for our drive home, and a flat iron for me, since mine decided to stop heating up while we were there. We got up at 5am Utah time (4am for us) on Monday and drove home. We hit the salt flats just about sunrise:


I have a whole post brewing about H’s parents, transformations, and my parents, but I’m just not in that space right now. Maybe I’ll get some uninterrupted time later. We had a great time in Utah, but I’m glad to be home, and glad to have the next few days off to spend with my family. And I am incredibly blessed to have these two little peanuts with me:

Train watching


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