Addictive Personality Much?

OMG. I finally convinced my wife to let me upgrade to a smartphone. I really wanted an i.Phone, but given that we are with Veri.zon and an i.Phone requires a switch to AT.T, it’s not happening. So I did a bit of research and was going to go to the store and get the little pink black.ber.ry curve for $50. But then my wife says, as I’m looking at and talking to the guy about the difference between that and the Tour, “Don’t just get the cheaper one because it’s cheaper, get one you can live with for awhile.” And the Tour was only $150 with my discount, so based on the specs, etc…we told the guy to get it wrapped up.

Bonus? Buy one get one free – BOGO!!!! So the wife got one too! And now? Well…

I’m hooked. Sure, i.Phone’s are great, but what I am in love with my new phone. And black.ber.ries are getting to the point where they have a ton of BB specific apps just like the iPhone, many of which are free. I’ve already spent a good portion of my morning searching for covers (I got a bright pink one at the V store just to be able to tell mine from H’s, but you KNOW as soon as I find a really cool one I’m all over that), and found a Red Sox one for H. Gotta love eb.ay. I’ve used BB messenger, checked my and in general, wasted battery power tinkering with it.

I feel like I might have to sign up for a 12 step program soon.


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