Well, we are closing in on Christmas, and we have done quite a bit to make this Christmas season a good one for the kids, because it really is the first one that they have actively participated in. We’ve started new traditions, and kept up old ones, and there’s a growing pile of presents under the tree, even though we’ve asked everyone to keep it low key and minimal for the kids. They just have so many people sending them love that it’s hard to keep it under control. More than likely we’ll put stuff away in their closets like last year and bring them out bit by bit over time. That seemed to work well last year, although I’m worried they will remember more this year and then ask, “hey where’s the car/doll/book I opened at Christmas???” They are getting too smart for us!

This was also the first year since their first Christmas we got them to sit on Santa’s lap. They loved it, and the Santa we had was awesome. He was so sweet to them and took his time and didn’t rush them at all. It was a great experience for them.

I’m looking forward to Christmas eve and Christmas day and holding my babies close and watching the wonder of the days through their eyes.

I hope your holiday is filled with joy, love, and every blessing you could hope for. Much love to all my readers, and may you enjoy everything this season has to offer.


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