T Minus 3

Well, I guess really it is 2. How does that work anyway? 3 more nights until Transfer morning. Transfer is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 10:45, preceded by the consult with the Dr. doing the transfer at 10:15. Plan: Thaw 4 embryos and transfer the best 3. If we have 3. Basically transfer the best of the bunch, up to 3. If 4 are perfect, then, well, I don’t know. Dr. is uncomfortable transferring 4 and I got him to admit the likelihood of all 4 being perfect was slim. So we should be ok as far as too many. I’m just praying we have something to transfer. With only 4, it feels very scary. I know people with more than 10 waiting for them, and even though I’m not sure how we’d afford another cycle, it would be nice to know there’s still back up plans.

I went to this great little fair trade store here in town and bought a fertility doll. I have a necklace that was a gift during our last cycle, but H wanted to give one of her co-workers a gift of one since she and her husband are struggling with IF too and have an IUI on the day of our transfer. So I bought one for us too. The shop owner insists they are potent. And not in that creepy car salesman need to sell you more crap you don’t need kind of way. Like says he has photo albums of babies born to couples who bought these things. He was actually adorable. Gay guy. I had the twins with me and when I walked in and asked about fertility dolls he said “are you sure?” LOL. I had to laugh.

I’m nervous. Very. That’s not a secret. I have a lot to keep me busy but it’s going to weigh on my mind heavily. Betas are scheduled for 6 and 8 days after transfer, just like my fresh cycle. So we should know something by July 14th. Tomorrow’s the 4th. That’s 10 days.

Holy crap.


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