In other news

The twins are in big kid beds. Not toddler beds. REAL. BIG. KID. BEDS.

What???? When did my babies get to be big enough for beds big enough for ME to sleep in? Never mind they sleep in my bed at least 50% of the time anyway (ok that’s a bit of an overstatement, but not much LOL). N really has to climb UP into his bed because it’s a platform storage bed. And J’s bed is the ultimate little girl bed, an off-white sleigh bed. I might actually steal it for myself.

It does make this whole on again off again pregnancy thing so much scarier. I so want another child to raise, to hit these milestones with again, to watch grow up and discover the world. And the uncertainty of this (or any pregnancy I suppose) is amplified by watching my older two hit such big kid milestones.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited to have them hit these milestones, and I know how incredibly blessed I am. And part of me feels selfish for wanting more – wanting to do it again. I have so much more than many people have already.

It doesn’t change how badly I want this baby hopefully growing inside of me. No more betas. Just in limbo waiting for an ultrasound. Monday. Seems so far away. Currently no cramping or spotting. Currently sort of. Well. Nothing. Not much in the way of symptoms. Which is sometimes as scary if not more than symptoms, because at least you know SOMETHING is going on in there. At the same time, my little cycle bunny who I’ve seen every day since transfer has disappeared. Haven’t seen him in two days. And while the intellectual part of me knows that his disappearance doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not everything with me is ok, he’s been my little good luck charm up until this point. So I’m a little sad.

So. For Lori. The update is, no real update. Just waiting. For now. Check back in 10 minutes. πŸ™‚

And, my babies are big kids. *sniff*.


One thought on “In other news

  1. Thanks! haha Woot for getting a shout out on the post πŸ™‚ LMAO!

    YAY for big kid beds. We put Natalie right into a big mattress on the floor and said we would get the frame and box spring when she stayed in it for 2 months without rolling or hanging out of it. EVERY TIME we get to the two month mark she rolls half out….she is going to be on the floor like a college student until she is old enough for college I think. HAHA!

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