Sofie – Updated

**Sofie has been found!!! The wonders of social networking never cease to amaze me. Friend of ours who lives not far from us saw a poster up that her neighbor had put on the gate to their neighborhood. Saw our posts on Put two and two together and I’m on my way to go get her in 30 minutes!

I have had multiple posts floating around in my head about people in my life. I’ve sat down more than once to write the next one in the series.

And then this morning my dog disappeared. So everything has gone to shit pretty quickly. We still haven’t found her and our only hope is that a neighbor picked her up and will see our signs and call us this evening.

Please cross your fingers that is what happens. Not sure I’ll be able to sleep not knowing if she is ok or not.


5 thoughts on “Sofie – Updated

  1. Hooray, I’m so glad she has been found! I hopped over here from Chaos today . . . just wanted to say that your posts about people in your life are beautiful, haunting, and inspiring. Also wanted to give you a big virtual hug for your recent losses. My thoughts have been with you all afternoon.

    • Chelsea – thank you so much, both for the good thoughts about Sofie and for the kind words about my posts. It’s been very cathartic! And it gives me something to write about when things going on around me seem rather boring. 🙂

  2. Omigoodness, I’m so glad Sofie’s home safely! Those moments when you’re not sure where the furries are…just awful. Hooray for happy homecomings!

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