Day #7 – 30 Days of Truth

Someone Who Has Made My Life Worth Living For

Clearly there’s an easy answer to this. My children make my life worth living for every moment of every day.

But there’s this woman. She’s lived quite a bit of life. Seen a lot of things.

Her children are grown. They visit often, and they bring their children to sit at her knee and listen to her stories and delight in her hugs and kisses and “I love you’s”.

Her friends are few but they are solid. They’ve gotten her through the bad days and the good days and they’ve been there when some days it all seemed like too much. They talk often, laugh often, cry seldom, but are there always.

She’s seen big places and small places and remembers them all. She will share pictures and memories and smile like she’s seeing them for the first time.

She’s made peace with those who’ve hurt her, forgiven those who did wrong by her, and apologized to those she did wrong by.

She’s experienced great love. She’s loved deeply and been loved completely. She falls asleep every night content in the arms of the one who loves her.

She knows you can’t really live your life for anybody. But you can live your life surrounded by the people who make you your best self.

I don’t know her yet. But I hope to. 40 or so years from now, I hope to look in the mirror and see her staring back at me.


6 thoughts on “Day #7 – 30 Days of Truth

  1. Beautifully written. I know you will look in the mirror in 40 years and absolutely see that person looking back at you. I have no doubt about that at all.

  2. I’m SOOO with Korin! I read this earlier but was at work so I couldnt comment, but this totally caught me off guard. I love it, so amazingly written and definitely looking forward to having great conversations with that woman 🙂

  3. I read this a few weeks ago, and then couldn’t remember whose blog I read it on! I’m glad I finally remembered (or realized that my blog dashboard will tell me. Whew.) This is so beautifully written, it makes me hope that woman and this woman would be friends, 40 years from now.

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