Day #11 – 30 Days of Truth

Something people seem to compliment you the most on

I’m not sure I’m one who gets a lot of compliments. It’s possible I’m so bad at receiving them that I tend to completely block them out. Those close to me will attest to my muttered “thank you”s at receiving compliments, or my uncanny ability to qualify a compliment with something self-deprecating. Compliment me on my hair, and I’m likely to tell you how bad my haircut is. Compliment me on something I wrote and I’ll probably say it didn’t turn out exactly how I’d hoped.

It’s an illness.

I try. I’m trying. I have people who will give me “the look” when I react this way, and I’ve started simply saying “thank you” in response to compliments.

The reality is I think as girls, as women, we are taught to be modest. To not stand out. And if, by nature, you’re someone like me who doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention, then compliments can get uncomfortable.


Now that I’ve qualified this entire post by saying I suck at taking compliments, there is something I get a lot of comments on, and always have.

My memory.

I have a fantastic memory. Now, as I’ve gotten older and my brain has gotten more filled with extraneous crap it’s gotten a little more difficult to remember some things. But I remember things well. And exactly.

I can remember my best friends’ phone numbers. From high school.

I remember the exact words someone said during a conversation or an argument and can repeat them back later.

I remember things I read with great accuracy, contributing to my ability to learn new jobs quickly and do well in school.

I can watch a movie and recite exact scenes. My friends and I used to play “who remembers the most lines” from Pretty Woman all the time. I always won.

I often refer to my memory as semi-photographic. I see my memories in my head. See where on a page in a book the test question answer is. See phone numbers laid out on a piece of paper. See how and where we were standing when something was said. I think it’s why I love photography so much. It’s a tangible representation of the memory that I see in my head.

My friends and family will say, “Ask K, she’ll remember.” And most often, I do.

It’s something I’ve learned to make good use of. It’s served me well in school, in my career, and in trying to retrace where I left my keys.

Although, if you call me smart, I’ll usually say I just have a good memory. See? Crappy compliment taker.


2 thoughts on “Day #11 – 30 Days of Truth

  1. I have always had a difficult time accepting compliments. Something about humility, I guess. But, I’ve always been a huge sucker for “being polite” and saying “the right thing.” A friend told me that when you don’t accept a compliment you are saying the giver has bad taste. (“Nice skirt.” “Oh, this old thing, it’s nothing.”) It helped me accept them more.

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