Day #12 – 30 Days of Truth

Something you never get compliments on

Want a list? Ha! This one is a weird one, because I feel like it’s asking for something I think I SHOULD get compliments on but don’t. And that whole concept makes me uncomfortable (although I suppose that’s the point of this whole exercise, now, isn’t it?) On the other hand, I can tick off a laundry list of things I don’t get complimented on – my large feet, my stringy hair, my chewed fingernails (look out, hot mama!). I’m not really thinking that’s the point of this whole post though.

But in the sense that this post is foot stomping over why nobody notices my adorable five-head, I am struggling. Because I’ve already told you I’m certainly not great at taking compliments, and I tend towards the modest end of the spectrum. And the things that I care most about, the traits I’m most proud of, get sufficiently noticed for what my ego needs.

To pick something, though, one thing that I don’t get compliments on that maybe surprises me a little, well, I suppose I can handle that. Even if it does make me feel a little vain.

My eyes.

I think my eyes are pretty cool. Sure, they can’t see worth a damn, but they are pretty interesting looking. They’re not quite brown, like I was told my entire growing up, they’re not quite green, but there’s actually a lot more green in there than brown. And there’s actually a little gray in there, surrounding all of it.

I grew up with this girl named Mitzi who had gray eyes. They were gorgeous. But she hated them and she work turquoise contacts. Also beautiful. And I always wished that I had eyes like hers. Nobody ever notices the girl with the brown/green/gray eyes with glasses.

That’s ok though. She can’t take a compliment anyway.


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