Day #14 – 30 Days of Truth

Day #14 – A Hero That Has Let You Down (Write a Letter)

Dear Auntie B,

Growing up I wanted you to be my mom. In that way that all little kids think they want the fun loving aunt to be their mom – because aunts say yes to everything and sugar you up and send you home to your mom with her rules and her bedtimes and her “no candy after dinner.”

We aren’t related by blood. But everyone thought I was your daughter. The same long brown hair, oval face, tall and slender builds. When you married my mom’s brother I was 2. You were 17. And I idolized you.

I longed for the days when summer would come and we could go to your house and swim the days away. How was I to know your thermos bottle was filled with vodka instead of water?

I knew you were unhappy in your marriage when I was in high school. How could you not be? I don’t think I ever saw the two of you say more than two words to each other for about 10 years. You waited to divorce him until my cousin was grown. Maybe that’s why she still hasn’t had a relationship with anyone other than the teen idols she still worships at 30.

You were the most supportive family member when I came out. I’ll always be grateful for that.

But divorcing my uncle should have given you freedom to enjoy life. Instead you’ve crushed yourself under the weight of uncontrolled drinking, DUIs, and an inability to truly move on. You left him, but he’s finally happy.

You really haven’t let me down, just yourself. And it makes me sad to see you and talk to you and know that you’re doing nothing to help yourself.

I love you. I just wish I could help you.
Your niece.


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