Day #15 – 30 Days of Truth

Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

This is easy.

A car.

Sure, I could say my iPhone, because I love it and I can’t imagine how I lived a complete life without it before September (I kid, I kid. Sorta. Ok, I’m not kidding.) But for me, really, it’s a car.

I’m a born and bred Southern California girl. And if you know anything about Southern Cal, it’s not only not walking-friendly, but it’s certainly not public transit friendly either. I was well into my 30’s the first time I rode a bus that wasn’t emblazoned with the word “school” on the side and wasn’t headed to a band competition. (Oy, did I just write “well into my 30’s” about something that happened in the past? Sigh.)

Part of it is a personality issue. I’m a control freak, and I don’t like feeling like I can’t leave wherever I am of my own accord. Whenever I go out with friends, I volunteer to be the driver. I don’t like being at work and wondering how I would get home if one of the kids got sick or I needed to leave. I don’t like spending large chunks of time on my commute. I want to leave where I am at, be it work, the doctor’s office, shopping, whatever, and get home the quickest way possible.

About 2 years ago, I started taking the train to work. We were a one-income family at the time and I was working somewhere close to public transit and we were living less than a mile from a light rail stop. We had two cars, but the expense of spending $100 a month to park at my office downtown plus the gas expense was significantly more than the subsidized transit passes for State employees.

I got up every morning to catch the train. Sometimes I was lucky enough to end up riding with my friend. Most days I ended up standing and reading. If the weather was good, I got off the train about 6 blocks from work and walked. If it was raining, or cold, or I was simply being lazy, I would get off the train two stops earlier and catch a bus that dropped right at my office. The way home required a 2 block walk to the bus, or if the weather was nice, a 6 block walk to the train.

I got a lot of reading done. Which was awesome. I think I read more on the train during that year than I had in the previous 3 years in total. But every day was a battle of my anxiety over “what if I have to leave?” “What if I want to run an errand after work?” “What if the cafeteria I can walk to doesn’t have anything I want to eat today?” “What if I miss the train and I have to wait a whole other 30 minutes for the next one?” “What if someone decides to board the train with a gun and I’m caught in some sort of hostage situation?”
Ok, yeah, I never worried about that last one.

Because I started driving my car again.


6 thoughts on “Day #15 – 30 Days of Truth

  1. I sit in my car reading this (not the driver this time–I promise!), agreeing that these polluting machines are pretty darn useful.

  2. I hate public transit and LOVE my car. I love driving. I do take the bus to work most of the time though and I usually hate every minute of it – hate the way it smells, hate sitting next to strangers and having them touch me, hate waiting for it in the cold and rain, hate when its late – hate it. I’d much rather be in my comfortable warm car listening to my music and sitting in traffic.

  3. I used to take the train into the city for work. It was heaven. I loved checking out what everyone was reading. Course, now everyone has it online, so not sure you can snoop like you could in the past. Loved it as I fancy myself a book snob, but I am roughly 3 years behind whatever is the current title. Ok, maybe 4 years behind.


    Missing that express train? Well, why dont you just poison me?

  4. Kimchan are you SURE you never worried about the last one lol….dude, Ive owned my MyTouch for 24hrs now and cannot imagine life without it….

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